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About The Therapist

Hosanna Colon Hygiene Care, Inc. is one of the few colonic irrigation centers in Brooklyn. Hosanna is under the care and supervision of Dilcia A. DeMorel, a colon hydrotherapist who started her practice in September of 1998. Her interest in the profession began when she was introduced to the procedure by a former co-worker who often heard her complaining about her inability to move her bowels for days and even weeks – despite the fact that she took prescribed and over the counter laxatives, which only brought temporary relief. She then finally decided to try colonic irrigation. That decision was made after a couple of years of pondering seriously about making an appointment, it simply just made sense to her. She just could not continue to accept the idea of waste being in her body for any lengthy period of time (especially if her body is not releasing it on its own) without it affecting her overall well being at some point.

Ms.DeMorel is a member of the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy in good standing. She takes pride in providing the best colonic irrigation treatment available at a reasonable, competitive cost. She’s devoted to educating her clients and the public in general on the importance of this alternative method of colon cleansing and disease prevention of the same. Over the years she has helped hundreds of individuals restore the health of their colon with colonic irrigation, encouraging a change of diet and regular exercise.

Although Ms. DeMorel has many other interests in the alternative health field, she has concentrated her time and energy primarily to colon hydrotherapy. Her goal is to continue to help and educate people on the importance of maintaining a healthy environment in the colon – this very important part of the body that is commonly neglected by many.

Ms.DeMorel was featured on Discover Health Channel (SHE TV) in 2000 and 2001speaking on this very important subject of colon hydrotherapy.

Hosanna Colon Hygiene Care, Inc. is conveniently located in the Midwood area of Brooklyn, easily accessible to most public transportation.

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